About Malo Distribution 2000 Inc.


Malo is a Warwick’s 15 years old group called md2000inc.com who offers a huge selection of increasingly popular products for car care specialists.

Each and every product you may found in their catalog is a gage of quality and represents time and money savings! Since their products’ launch event, managers cared about users’ comments and questions because they are a part of Malo’s success! As an example, clients have been involved in our Foam product’s improvement, who became Foam+ (in which we added wax!) Reactions were excellent and distributors increased their sales!

All new products were tested by selected users. That’s how we calculate time and money savings. Let’s save a lot of time and effort by using great products! They are all so easy to use and always give good results! However, to ensure and increase savings as its best, users have to follow conscientiously our given standards.